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Deblocking filtering represents one of the most compute intensive tasks in an H.264/AVC standard video decoder due to its demanding memory accesses and irregular data flow. For these reasons, an efficient implementation poses big challenges, especially for programmable platforms. In this sense, the mapping of this decoder's functionality onto a(More)
Andosols are characterised by high organic matter (OM) content throughout the soil profile, which is mainly due to the stabilisation of soil organic matter (SOM) by mineral interactions. The aim of the study was to examine whether there were differences in the chemical composition of mineral-associated SOM and free OM in the top A horizon and in the subsoil(More)
The stability over time of the organic C stocked in soils under undisturbed ecosystems is poorly studied, despite being suitable for detecting changes related to climate fluctuations and global warming. Volcanic soils often show high organic C contents due to the stabilization of organic matter by short-range ordered minerals or Al-humus complexes. We(More)
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