C. Aravinda

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Passive clustering does not employ control packets to collect topological information in ad hoc networks. In our proposal, we avoid making frequent changes in cluster architecture due to repeated election and re-election of cluster heads and gateways. Our primary objective has been to make Passive Clustering more practical by employing optimal number of(More)
We shall give a brief introduction to linear algebraic groups with some focuses on reductive groups. Abstract: Recently, the Calabi-Yau algebras and the triangulated categories with the Calabi-Yau property have caused a great interest in the representation theory, and have been widely studied. In this talk I will survey some progresses in this direction,(More)
Let R be an element of GL(n, R) having integer entries and let ρ : T n −→T n denote the induced map on the torus T n = R n /Z n. It is well known that ρ is ergodic with respect to the Haar measure on T n if and only if none of the eigenvalues of R is a root of unity. Dani has shown that there 2000 A.M. exists a subset S of T n such that for any x ∈ S and(More)
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