C. Anthony Cooper

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The post-feeding alkaline tide (elevated blood pH and HCO3-) has been well characterised in air-breathing animals, but to date this phenomenon has only been demonstrated in one piscine species, a marine elasmobranch. We have investigated the acid-base and ion regulatory responses of a freshwater teleost to voluntary feeding as well as to involuntary filling(More)
The multiplexing of several lightly loaded links onto a more heavily loaded output link is a problem of considerable importance to the design and traffic engineering of many types of packet-oriented telecommunications equipment, including that used in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. Network configurations generally require the cascaded operation(More)
A Xenopus oocyte heterologous expression system was used to characterise iron transport properties of two members of the solute carrier 11 (slc11) protein family isolated from rainbow trout gills. One cDNA clone differed from the trout Slc11alpha containing an additional 52bp in the exon between transmembrane domains (TM) 10 and 11. The 52bp contained a(More)
In the marine teleost intestine the secretion of bicarbonate increases pH of the lumen (pH 8.4 -9.0) and importantly reduces Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentrations by the formation of insoluble divalent ion carbonates. The alkaline intestinal environment could potentially also cause essential metal carbonate formation reducing bioavailability. Iron accumulation was(More)
We present a time{parallel technique for the fast generation of self{similar traac which is suitable for performance studies of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. The technique is based on the well known result according to which the aggrega-tion of a large number of heavy{tailed ON/OFF{ type renewal/reward processes asymptotically approximates a(More)
This document provides the entry point to the set of documentation about the Congestion Exposure (ConEx) protocol. It explains the motivation for including a ConEx marking at the IP layer: to expose information about congestion to network nodes. Although such information may have a number of uses, this document focuses on how the information communicated by(More)
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