C. Andres Bedoya

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the validity of using electronic medical records (EMR) database in a large health organization for identifying patients with clinical depression. METHOD The Massachusetts General Hospital EMR system was used to generate a sample of primary care patients seen in the primary care clinic in 2007. Using this sample, the validity of(More)
Maize was first domesticated in a restricted valley in south-central Mexico. It was diffused throughout the Americas over thousands of years, and following the discovery of the New World by Columbus, was introduced into Europe. Trade and colonization introduced it further into all parts of the world to which it could adapt. Repeated introductions, local(More)
OBJECTIVE A culturally focused psychiatric (CFP) consultation service was implemented to increase engagement in mental health care and reduce depressive symptoms among adult Latino primary care patients. The aim of this study was to assess preliminary efficacy of the CFP consultation service to reduce depressive symptoms. METHODS In a randomized(More)
Briefly we described the posteroventral pallidotomy technique introducing a new target situated more anteriorly to the classic Laitinen´s pallidotomy, in this way we obtain relief in the whole motor signs of Parkinson´s disease. We believe it is the result of the interruption of efferents fibers from pallidum to motor thalamus, and coagulation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Positive psychological constructs have been associated with reduced suicidal ideation, and interventions to cultivate positive feelings have the potential to reduce suicide risk. This study compares the efficacy of a 6-week, telephone-based positive psychology (PP) intervention against a cognition-focused (CF) control intervention among patients(More)
BACKGROUND Ethnic minorities with depression are more likely to seek mental health care through primary care providers (PCPs) than mental health specialists. However, both provider and patient-specific challenges exist. PCP-specific challenges include unfamiliarity with depressive symptom profiles in diverse patient populations, limited time to address(More)
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