C. Andersson

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In vitro-based search for promising anti-cancer drug combinations may provide important leads to improved cancer therapies. Currently there are no integrated computational-experimental methods specifically designed to search for combinations, maximizing a predefined therapeutic index (TI) defined in terms of appropriate model systems. Here, such a pipeline(More)
Ditopic binding of various dinitrogen compounds to three bisporphyrin molecular tweezers with spacers of varying conformational rigidity, incorporating the planar enediyne (1), the helical stiff stilbene (2), or the semi-rigid glycoluril motif fused to the porphyrins (3), are compared. Binding constants Ka = 10⁴-10⁶ M(-1) reveal subtle differences between(More)
The author wishes to clarify his contribution to the papers I-VII in the thesis I Carried out all experimental work and contributed in writing the paper. II Significantly contributed to the experimental work and characterizations of the purified single-and multi walled carbon nano-tubes. Contributed in writing the paper. III Performed all experimental work(More)
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