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Motivation for arranging business rules is not confined to efficient processing of rules, as in case of traditional rule bases, but to aid in decision making as well. Efficient processing and ease of decision making, therefore, are the twin objectives behind arranging and grouping of business rules as envisaged by business rules approach to system(More)
There are various mechanisms for creating an application object model. These mechanisms are used for modeling the application Meta model and the user models. Some of the mechanisms allow constraints to be specified on object entities. Constraints are expressions and evaluate to either true or false, and are used to specify invariants or act as guards on(More)
Notwithstanding the arguments in favor or against business rules approach to information system development the fact remains that there are certain types of requirements, which can be best captured in the form of business rules. Once this observation is appreciated the implementation of business rules in applications emerges as the next major concern. This(More)
Online virtual environments are increasingly becoming popular for entrepreneurship. While interactions are primarily between avatars, some interactions could occur through intelligent chatbots. Such interactions require connecting to backend business applications to obtain information , carry out real-world transactions etc. In this paper, we focus on(More)