C. Alonso

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is thought to involve large-scale brain systems but the anatomical connectivity via association fibers has not been specifically investigated yet. We evaluated organization and directionality of the major fiber bundles in a subpopulation of OCD, including washers and checkers who presented decision making deficits, by(More)
The fibronectin (FN) gene has become paradigmatic to illustrate genome evolution by exon shuffling, generation of protein diversity by alternative mRNA splicing, and topological coordination between transcription and splicing. Alternative splicing in three sites of the primary transcript gives rise to multiple FN polypeptides. This process is cell type-,(More)
The Topological Active Volumes (TAV) model is a 3D deformable model based on the active nets and used for segmentation and reconstruction tasks. The model implements automatic procedures, the so called topological changes, that alter the mesh structure in order to segment complex surfaces, such as pronounced curvatures or holes, and detect several objects(More)
The innervation of the forearm and hand regions of cats has not been well described despite its importance for any surgery or any neurological disorder. It is probably the main area where disorders of peripheral nerves in this species are observed. In felines, the forelimbs facilitate the jump and represent the most important way for capturing prey. The(More)
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