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The orexin-producing neurons in the lateral hypothalamus play an essential role in promoting arousal and maintaining wakefulness. These neurons receive a broad variety of signals related to environmental, physiological and emotional stimuli; they project to almost every brain region involved in the regulation of wakefulness; and they fire most strongly(More)
BACKGROUND Scoring of wake-sleep states by trained investigators is a time-consuming task in many sleep experiments. We aimed to validate SCOPRISM, a new open-source algorithm for sleep scoring based on automatic graphical clustering of epoch distribution. METHODS We recorded sleep and blood pressure signals of 36 orexin-deficient, 7 leptin knock-out, and(More)
Cooperative diversity and orthogonal frequency division multiplex-ing (OFDM) are two key technologies for future wireless communication systems. One of the main problems of OFDM systems is the high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) of the transmitted signals , which may cause the introduction of intercarrier interference due to the presence of nonlinear(More)
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