C Alessandrini

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Codeine and morphine have been detected in mammalian brain by radioimmunoassay (RIA), and in brain and other tissues by gas-chromatography/mass-spectrometry (GCMS) in different laboratories. It has been also shown that rat liver can synthesize the skeleton of the morphine molecule, thus suggesting that this alkaloid, which is the prototype of mu-receptor(More)
By immunocytochemistry, substance P immunoreactive (SP-IR) and vasoactive intestinal peptide immunoreactive (VIP-IR) nerve fibers were examined in guinea pig mesenteric lymph collectors. The immunoreactive nerve fibers, located in the adventitia of lymphatics, were few and were irregularly distributed along the vessel wall. These fibers appeared to be more(More)
The authors report a histological and electron-microscopic study of the peripheral nerve in two cases of ataxia-telangiectasia showing fiber loss, storage material in Schwann cells and nuclear changes. Nuclear changes are the most typical finding and are correlated with the primary metabolic disorder of DNA repair.
Three sisters (ages 27, 24, and 17 years) presented with slowly progressing dystonic dementia and spastic tetraparesis with infantile onset. CSF, bone marrow, and conjunctival cells showed storage vacuoles. Biochemical analysis revealed increased urinary oligosaccharide excretion and decreased activity of acid beta-D-galactosidase and beta-D-fucosidase in(More)
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