C. Albert Thompson

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In this paper, we investigate model-driven engineering, reporting on an exploratory case-study conducted at a large automotive company. The study consisted of interviews with 20 engineers and managers working in different roles. We found that, in the context of a large organization, contextual forces dominate the cognitive issues of using model-driven(More)
When starting a new task, a software developer must typically find one or more starting points amongst many resources (e.g., source code and other files) forming the software system. In this paper, we consider how we might recommend one resource as an initial starting point, saving the developer the effort of having to search or use other means to find the(More)
Software developers use issues as a means to describe a range of activities to be undertaken on a software system, including features to be added and defects that require fixing. When creating issues, software developers expend manual effort to specify relationships between issues, such as one issue blocking another or one issue being a sub-task of another.(More)
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