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Background. Angiodysplastic lesions of the extremities are very often of great interest for the orthopedist, involving not only bones with length discrepancy, but also joints with hemarthrosis and synovial hypertrophy. Methods. We describe 4 patients with cutaneous hemangiomatosis in the lower limb and a concomitant knee arthropathy. Like in other(More)
Background. Pyle's disease is a rare skeletal dysplasia involving the metaphyses of long bones. To date, spinal involvement has been only rarely described in the literature.¶Objective. To show that spinal changes, which are an expression of the same growth defect of the long bones, are an important and constant sign of the disease in the families(More)
The presence of vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) in our hospital prompted us to apply an appropriate method for assessing its rectal carriage. A screening method with bile-esculin azide agar plus different concentrations of vancomycin was used. The antimicrobial susceptibility study of enterococci isolated from clinical samples was also emphasized.(More)
Sir, Trigeminal herpes simplex (THS') has often been observed in different neurological conditions due to pathological or iatrogenic lesions, whether of the gasserian ganglion or of its root. As far as we know, there have been no previous reports of eruption of THS linked to the Wallenberg lateral medullary syndrome (WS): We have been struck by the frequent(More)
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