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A case of iatrogenic subclavian arterio-venous fistula with pseudoaneurysm formation is described. Treatment by means of percutaneous embolization, on the venous side, with steel coils has been successful; in order to avoid complications, the arterial side was blocked by an angioplasty balloon. After discussing the more common complications of subclavian(More)
Glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, NEFA and cortisole behaviour as well as insulin activity have been studied in the A.M.I. NEFA were found to be in most cases arrhythmy inducers; especially when the NEFA exceed 1200 muEq/l; in this cases, they bring to an unfavourable development of the acute coronary episode. The Authors observed that the peak of NEFA(More)
There is little evidence of autonomic dysfunction in PD, although autonomic disturbance was included in the original description by J. Parkinson. In addition, there are no data for de novo PD patients. We selected 14 de novo parkinsonians (seven men and seven women), aged 62.7 +/- 8.2 years, with mild disease (stage 1 through 2 on the Hoehn and Yahr's(More)
A fact finding study was carried out in 58 resuscitation centres and 78 intensive care units to evaluate the current application of computerised techniques in the monitoring and processing of various parameters relating to hospitalised patients. The enquiry revealed a marked interest in the use of computerised systems, particularly in the(More)
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