C. Ailie Fraser

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UNLABELLED We conducted a phase 1 double-blind randomised controlled trial (RCT) of a HIV-1 envelope protein (CN54 gp140) candidate vaccine delivered vaginally to assess immunogenicity and safety. It was hypothesised that repeated delivery of gp140 may facilitate antigen uptake and presentation at this mucosal surface. Twenty two healthy female volunteers(More)
Optimum strategies to elicit and maintain antibodies at mucosal portals of virus entry are critical for the development of vaccines against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Here we show in non-human primates that a novel regimen of repeated intravaginal delivery of a non-adjuvanted, soluble recombinant trimeric HIV-1(CN54) clade C envelope glycoprotein(More)
Rheologically structured vehicle (RSV) gels were developed as delivery systems for vaginal mucosal vaccination with an HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein (CN54gp140). RSVs comprised a mucoadhesive matrix-forming and vaginal fluid absorbing polymer. The mucoadhesive and rheological properties of the RSVs were evaluated in vitro, and the distribution, antigenicity(More)
Research suggests that online peer review can provide critical help to learners who would otherwise not be given individualized feedback on their work. However, little is known about how different characteristics of review systems impact <i>reviewers</i>. This extended abstract presents preliminary results from an online experiment examining how explicit(More)
Peer assessment is rapidly growing in online learning, as it presents a method to address scalability challenges. However, research suggests that the benefits of peer review are obtained inconsistently. This paper explores why, introducing three ways that framing task goals significantly changes reviews. Three experiments manipulated features in the review(More)
Complex software offers power for experts, yet overwhelms new users. Novices often do not know how to execute tasks, what they want to achieve, or even what is possible. To address this, we introduce the DiscoverySpace interface for executable action suggestions. DiscoverySpace is a prototype extension panel for Adobe Photoshop that suggests task-level(More)
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