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We have identified several eye muscle antigens and studied the significance of the corresponding serum autoantibodies in patients with Graves' disease. Of these antigens, only calsequestrin is expressed more in eye muscle than other skeletal muscles, which could explain at least partly the specific involvement of eye muscle in patients with Graves' disease.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of pelvic-floor musculature exercises in the treatment of women with anatomical urinary stress incontinence. Fourteen female subjects, ranging in age from 33 to 67 years, participated in a four-week pelvic-floor musculature exercise program. Subjects underwent a pretraining urodynamic evaluation and(More)
14614 Background: Considerable preclinical data suggests that histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDAIs) can cause differentiation and apoptosis of prostate cancer cell lines and inhibit prostate cancer xenografts in vivo. There is evidence that valproic acid (VPA) is a HDAI and can be administered safely to cancer patients intravenously (Atmaca et al J Clin(More)
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