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We studied the effect of dietary source (organic or inorganic) and level of Se on the Se uptake of chick embryos. After receiving a low-Se diet for 16 wk, 126 Leghorn laying hens were randomly assigned to one of seven dietary treatments. Treatments consisted of feeding a low-Se basal diet alone or with one of three levels of added Se (0.1,0.2, or 0.3 mg/kg(More)
The human gene HuP48 is a member of the PAX family of developmental control genes. Common to all members of this family is a highly conserved DNA sequence, the paired box sequence. In several species, paired box-containing genes function in normal embryonic morphogenesis. To investigate the possible involvement of PAX genes in the development of the human(More)
This paper describes preliminary work evaluating automated semantic indexing of radiology imaging reports to represent images stored in the Image Engine multimedia medical record system at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The authors used the SAPHIRE indexing system to automatically identify important biomedical concepts within radiology reports(More)
The metameric pattern of the vertebrate axial skeleton, defined by structures such as the vertebral bodies and ribs, is a result of segmentation events that occur during embryogenesis. The key event in axial segmentation is somite formation. This study examines the role of Pax-1, a member of the paired-box containing Pax gene family, in chick somite(More)
Achieving the United States’ Vision for future Space Exploration will necessitate far greater collaboration between humans and automated technology than previous space initiatives. However, the development of methodologies to optimize this collaboration currently lags behind development of the technologies themselves, thus potentially decreasing mission(More)
Within the structure of the TREC 2005 HARD track guidelines, we investigated the following hypotheses: H1: Query expansion using a “clarity”-based approach will increase effectiveness over baseline queries and baseline queries plus pseudo-relevance feedback; H2: Query expansion based on the Web will increase effectiveness over baseline queries and baseline(More)
In this paper, we introduce the motivation for and design of and integrated flight instrument display component for use during vertical landing and hover operations of a future Lunar lander to support the vision to return to the Moon. A description of the human-system interface design approach to include a cognitive task analysis is outlined. The results of(More)
Chick embryos rendered calcium (Ca) deficient by shell-less (SL) culture develop hypertension and tachycardia. Since hypocalcemia is accompanied by hypernatremia systemically but not by lower cellular Ca (Koide and Tuan, 1989), we speculate that cellular Ca handling may be altered in the SL embryo, perhaps involving Na transport. Using erythrocytes (RBC)(More)