C.A. Schuetz

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We report a novel technique for radiometric detection of radiation in the millimeter-wave regime based on optical modulation. Millimeter-wave energy modulated onto an optical carrier is detected using a low-bandwidth photodetector with optical filtering to suppress the carrier. Using this technique, we have achieved noise-equivalent powers as low as 20(More)
This paper presents transition from coplanar waveguide (CPW) to rectangular waveguide for <i>W</i> -band (75-110 GHz) operations. The waveguide consists of a cosine-shaped fin extending from the upper waveguide wall onto the CPW signal electrode. The design features direct integration of the waveguide with opto-electronic devices on lithium niobate(More)
In this paper, we present the theoretical and experimental results for self-collimation in low-index-contrast photonic crystals (PhCs) in the millimeter-wave (MMW) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The design of the PhCs is based on their equifrequency contours and the two-dimensional finite-difference time-domain simulation results. In the(More)
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