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SNAREs and Rab GTPases cooperate in vesicle transport through a mechanism yet poorly understood. We now demonstrate that the Rab5 effectors EEA1 and Rabaptin-5/Rabex-5 exist on the membrane in high molecular weight oligomers, which also contain NSF. Oligomeric assembly is modulated by the ATPase activity of NSF. Syntaxin 13, the t-SNARE required for(More)
A key feature of polarized epithelial cells is the ability to maintain the specific biochemical composition of the apical and basolateral plasma membrane domains while selectively allowing transport of proteins and lipids from one pole to the opposite by transcytosis. The small GTPase, rab17, a member of the rab family of regulators of intracellular(More)
Dopamine transmission within the nucleus accumbens has been implicated as a neurochemical substrate of associative learning processes. It has been suggested that the acquisition of classically conditioned fear to a specific environment, or context, differs fundamentally from the development of conditioned fear to a discrete stimulus, such as a light or a(More)
Latent inhibition (LI) is a behavioral phenomenon whereby repeated exposure to a non-reinforced stimulus retards subsequent conditioning to that stimulus. Deficits in LI may reflect an inability to ignore irrelevant stimuli and are studied as a model of the cognitive/attentional abnormalities found in schizophrenia. We recently determined that pretreatment(More)
Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder characterized by motor, cognitive and psychiatric manifestations. Since the mutation responsible for the disease was identified as an unstable expansion of CAG repeats in the gene encoding the huntingtin protein in 1993, numerous mouse models of HD have been generated to study(More)
The enhanced locomotor and stereotypic responses of the rat to repeated amphetamine (AMPH) administration are considered to be an animal model of positive schizophrenic symptoms. In contrast, behaviors observed during withdrawal from repeated AMPH are believed to model depression or anxiety. In the present study, the authors tested whether AMPH withdrawal(More)
The influence of the maternal environment on the development of open-field behavior in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) rats was investigated using the technique of reciprocal cross-fostering. Entire litters of SHR and Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) normotensive rats were either reared by their natural mothers, in-fostered to dams of the same strain, or cross-fostered(More)
The issue of whether profile and stereological counting methods are interchangeably accurate when assessing immediate early gene expression still needs to be resolved. To compare these two counting techniques, we quantified the expression of c-fos in the nucleus accumbens core and shell, and in the lateral septum as a control structure, of rats treated with(More)
The conditioned freezing response in rats has been much used both by psychologists and neuroscientists to investigate the behavioural effects of brain lesions and of changes in motivational state. The primary advantage of the freezing response is that it can be used without motivational manipulations such as food or water deprivation. Previously, freezing(More)
Huntington's disease (HD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease marked by psychiatric and motor problems. Recently, these findings have been extended to deficits in sleep and circadian function that can be observed in HD patients and in HD mouse models, with abnormal sleep patterns correlating with symptom severity in patients. Here, we studied the(More)