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A study was conducted in 4 Canadian processing plants in 1995-96 to determine the prevalence of quality defects in Canadian cattle. One percent of the annual number of cattle processed in Canada were evaluated on the processing floor and 0.1% were graded in the cooler. Brands were observed on 37% and multiple brands on 6% of the cattle. Forty percent of the(More)
Clinical reports, as well as animal studies, have described cardiovascular and sympathetic stimulation after the administration of naloxone (NX) to reverse opioid-induced respiratory depression. This investigation examines the effect of PaCO2 on hemodynamic and adrenergic responses to NX, by means of 24 experiments carried out in six dogs. Each dog(More)
The effects of sustained pectin ingestion on gastric emptying, glucose tolerance, and hormone responses were studied in 12 stable, non-insulin-dependent (type 2) diabetic patients. Patients were placed on a 2400 kcal, low-fiber (3 g) diet for 2 wk, followed by 4 wk of an isocaloric diet supplemented with 20 g apple pectin/d. Gastric-emptying half-time,(More)
Reversal of opioid effects by naloxone (NX) can lead to significant cardiovascular problems. We have reported previously that hypercapnic dogs develop greater increases in blood pressure and plasma catecholamine (CA) levels than hypocapnic ones when reversed with naloxone. We have also demonstrated differences between NX and nalbuphine (NBPH) in producing(More)
The prevalence of byssinosis and chronic respiratory symptoms was studied in 117 workers in four Swedish cotton mills. Changes of forced expiratory volume in 0-75 sec. (F.E.V.0.75) during a Monday and a Wednesday were assessed in 64 male workers in four cardrooms in these mills. Dust sampling was performed with weighed millipore filters. Prevalences of(More)
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