C. A. Mendoza

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— This paper presents some issues in the simulation of deformable objects with force feedback. It presents an overview of our experience towards the conception of a virtual reality medical simulator. We briefly describe and discusse some well known physical simulation models such as : mass-spring networks , finite element method (FEM) and a recently long(More)
Previous works have presented solutions for stability problems arising from the diierence between the sampling rate requirements for haptic devices (about 1 KHz) and the update rates of the physical objects being simulated (about 10 Hz). These methods work well when the objects are convex and non-deformable but when the object is deformable these methods(More)
  • C Mendoza, C Laugier, O Galizzi, F Faure Sharp Evasion Inria, Rhône-Alpes Gravir, Email +4 others
  • 2003
This paper presents some problems and solutions in the domain of dynamic simulation and 3D interaction in virtual reality. First, we handle the trade-off problem between precision and interactivity for the dynamic simulation of a large number of moving solid bodies. Next, in the framework of deformable object interactions we introduce a 3D cutting algorithm(More)
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