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We investigate the dynamic structure of human gaze and present an experimental study of the frequency components of the change in gaze position over time during free viewing of computer-generated fractal images. We show that changes in gaze position are scale-invariant in time with statistical properties that are characteristic of a random walk process. We(More)
The well-established symmetry relations for linear transport phenomena cannot, in general, be applied in the nonlinear regime. Here we propose a set of symmetry relations with respect to bias voltage and magnetic field for the nonlinear conductance of two-terminal electric conductors. We experimentally confirm these relations using phase-coherent,(More)
We use magnetoconductance fluctuation measurements of phase-coherent semiconductor billiards to quantify the contributions to the nonlinear electric conductance that are asymmetric under reversal of magnetic field. We find that the average asymmetric contribution is linear in magnetic field (for magnetic flux much larger than 1 flux quantum) and that its(More)
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