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ASP is a general purpose Associative Data Structure Package in which an arbitrary number of data items and an arbitrary number of the relationships between these data items may be represented. A special picture language is described which has proved very useful for drawing ASP structures on paper. ASP structures are built and manipulated by means of a(More)
Client-funded bench-scale investigations concerning the likelihood of successfully applying biological remediation to hazardous wastes must be cost-effective, and they usually need only determine if biodegradation is likely to occur on site. To assess the potential for stimulating biodegradation, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) was used to continuously(More)
A new technique is described in which fine-needle aspiration biopsies are processed for transmission electron microscopy within 2 hr. This rapid processing method includes exposure of the biopsy in a glutaraldehyde-formaldehyde mixture to microwaves for 25 sec in a domestic oven. The specimen is then routinely stained, processed through graded ethanol, and(More)
We present a design for a scanning tunneling microscope that is well suited for electrochemical investigations. The construction of the microscope insures that only the tunneling tip and the sample participate in electrochemical reactions. The design also allows rapid replacement of the tip or sample, and enables facile introduction of auxiliary electrodes(More)