C. A. Kramer

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The prevalence of antisense RNA in eukaryotes is not known and only a few naturally occurring antisense transcripts have been assigned a function. However, the recent identification of a large number of putative antisense transcripts strengthens the view that antisense RNAs might affect a wider variety of processes than previously thought. Here we show that(More)
The burrow emergence activity of the wild caught ragworm Nereis virens Sars associated with food prospecting was investigated under various photoperiodic (LD) and simulated tidal cycles (STC) using a laboratory based actograph. Just over half (57%) of the animals under LD with STC displayed significant tidal (approximately 12.4 h) and/or lunar-day(More)
Six-micron paraffin sections of paraformaldehyde-fixed specimens of 24 ovarian benign and neoplastic specimens were assayed for tumor cell-specific oncogene expression by a sensitive, quantitative in situ hybridization technique with probes for 17 oncogenes, beta-actin, and E. coli beta-lactamase. In the benign, borderline, and invasive adenocarcinomas,(More)
One of the most common methods of obtaining diagnostic information about a child's language production is to collect and analyze a spontaneous language sample. Usually, this sample is collected in a clinical setting by a speech-language pathologist. Because children's language production seems very sensitive to situational variables, there is some question(More)
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