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We studied the risk of a large group of jaundiced neonates for bilirubin encephalopathy by serial assessment of their reserve serum albumin binding capacity as measured by the saturation index test. In 1271 infants with serum bilirubin concentration greater than 10 mg/dl, 12% had a saturation index (SI) of 7% or greater and therefore were clinically at or(More)
We describe a 22-year-old previously healthy primigravida who presented with spontaneous rupture of membranes at 40 weeks of gestation. Because of her history of inadequate prenatal care, a chemoprophylaxis regimen against group B streptococcal infection was prescribed upon admission. Within a few minutes after initiation of an i.v. infusion of penicillin(More)
Pericentric inversions occur at a frequency of 0.12-0.7% in humans. However, pericentric inversions of chromosome 22 appear to be common, especially in patients originating from the Guadalajara region of Mexico. Here, we report a seventh case of a pericentric inversion of chromosome 22, the resulting recombinant chromosome, and describe the phenotypic(More)
Zipeprol hydrochloride is a synthetic antitussive agent that has shown little evidence of addictive potential in animal studies. Despite this, several reports of abuse and abuse-related over-dosage have been published. Abuse of this drug has now become a problem in the United States-Mexico border region. We report the specific case of a pregnant woman(More)
Since almost 10% of the births in the United States occur in Texas, issues that affect neonatal care in Texas are important for both the state and the nation. Although overall statistics are similar for the state and nation, closer examination reveals a need for improvement in specific areas, namely prenatal care, black and Hispanic mortality, and low(More)
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