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MacConkey agar, standard M-FC agar, M-FC agar without rosolic acid, M-FC agar with a resuscitation top layer, Teepol agar, and pads saturated with Teepol broth, were evaluated as growth media for membrane filtration counting of fecal coliform bacteria in water. In comparative tests on 312 samples of water from a wide variety of sources, including(More)
The Ames Salmonella/microsome mutagenicity assay (AMES et al. 1975) is a relatively simple, cheap and rapid test for mutagenic activity (GREIM et al. 1980, SOBELS 1980). Although there are uncertainties about the health implications of mutagens, the Ames test detects 85 to 93% of known chemical carcinogens and is considered an essential part of the minimal(More)
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