C. A. F. Nascimento

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The semiconductor switches are presented in many applications and they can be considered the main source of harmonic distortion presented in the electrical power system. The use of filters - active or passive - has played an important role in order to minimize the harmonic effects injected in the power system. The proposal of this work is to present an(More)
In this paper a method for the determination of part of the current harmonic components for the selective compensation harmonic by single-phase active power filter is presented. The non-linear load is composed by an AC controller with variable resistive load. The first six components are identified through artificial neural network. The effectiveness of the(More)
The use of power electronics-based equipment has been steadily increasing in industrial and consumer applications, leading professional training in the field to be increasingly predicated on economic growth, and resulting in the motivation of electrical engineering students which choose this discipline. This paper presents a teaching and problem-based(More)
A neural method is presented in this paper to identify the harmonic components of an AC controller. The components are identified by analyzing the single-phase current waveform. The method effectiveness is verified by applying it to an active power filter (APF) model dedicated to the selective harmonic compensation. Simulation results using theoretical and(More)
This paper presents an alternative method based on artificial neural network, which is used to obtain the reference currents for harmonic current suppression and reactive power compensation in a shunt active power filter applied to three-phase four-wire system. The neural network consists of a multilayer perceptron, which is trained to estimate the peak(More)
The SUPERCABO Project is in development in Brazil, and its primary objective is to achieve knowledge on designing, construction, tests, and economic feasibility of high-temperature superconducting power cable (HTS cable) technology for Brazil. Such knowledge is shared with four major Brazilian power utilities and with Brazil's National Electric Energy(More)
Many electronic drivers for the induction motor control are based on sensorless technologies. Load monitoring and failure prediction are also based in this methodology. The proposal of this work is to present a comparative study between single and multilayer neural networks used as an alternative approach of speed estimation, from transient to steady state.(More)
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