C. A. Cook

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Research into human factors issues associated with the use of augmented reality (AR) technology is very limited. Consequently, there is a need for formal human factors design guidelines to underpin the integration of AR into systems. The Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) Centre for Human Sciences (CHS) is evaluating the potential of AR for(More)
Finding and acceptance behaviors of Anasa tristis were investigated using plants that are suitable (pumpkin) or unsuitable (cucumber, coleus) for development. A. tristis found plants in the absence of non-contact cues. Plant finding is enhanced by olfaction and vision. A. tristis found suitable and unsuitable plants equally well. The importance of olfaction(More)
This article illustrates ethical dilemmas faced by therapists who provide driver reeducation. The dilemmas discussed are (a) accepting a wide range of referral sources and client disabilities versus the inability to know enough to anticipate all driver performance errors, (b) the client's safety versus the client's right to independence, (c) financial(More)
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