C. A. Brailovsky

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Context The PRACTICUM Institute has developed large-scale international programs of on-line continuing professional development (CPD) based on self-testing and feedback using the Practicum Script Concordance Test© (PSCT). Aims To examine the psychometric consequences of pooling the responses of panelists from different countries (composite panels) and the(More)
The rank order of clerks taking two parallel written examination on diagnostic skills were compared, one examination containing short-answer/free response questions, and the other long-menu/coded response questions. A positive rank-order correlation was found between the two question formats, thus suggesting that both formats measure the same abilities.
Synthetic glycolipids prepared by esterification of various sugars and sorbitol, and containing various numbers of saturated or unsaturated fatty acid residues as well as bacterial lipid A and lipopolysaccharide, were tested for mitogenicity of splenic cells of Fischer rats and Swiss mice and for the augmentation of humoral immune response against sheep red(More)
The effectivenss of maltose tetrapalmitate (MTP) as an antitumour immune adjuvant was verified by its comparison with other known immunopotentiators, namely BCG, Corynebacterium parvum, levamisole and pyran copolymer. Copenhagen x Fisher 344/CRBL F1 hybrid male rats inoculated s.c. with the Dunning R3327A prostatic adenocarcinoma were used as the test(More)
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