Cătălin Alexandru

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In this paper, we propose a strategy for optimizing the tracking systems, which is based on the design of the optimal motion law for obtaining as much as possible incident radiation with minimum consumption for driving the system. The optimization is made by reducing the angular field of the panel without significantly affecting the incoming solar energy.(More)
The purpose of the paper is to develop the optimization procedure for a photovoltaic tracking mechanism. The design objective is to minimize the motor forces for moving the panel, decreasing in this way the power consumption for orientation. The optimization strategy is possible by developing the dynamic model of the tracking mechanism, which is a multibody(More)
Pituitary metastases are uncommon, ranging from 1 to 5 % of all metastases. Between 10 and 30 % of pituitary lesions are symptomatic responsible for diabetes insipidus, visual field defect or cranial nerve palsy. Primary sites are lung or breast in two-thirds of cases. There is no current reference concerning treatment of such lesions. Overall survival is(More)
We present a single generalized method for computing skeletons for arbitrary objects in both 2D and 3D space. We also present a method for computing the multiscale boundary-collapse importance metric for arbitrary 2D shapes in an in-cremental fashion, the results of which are comparable to the AFMM Star for 2D shapes. Finally, we reveal an approach which(More)
This paper approaches a dual-axis equatorial tracking system that is used to increase the photovoltaic efficiency by maximizing the degree of use of the solar radiation. The innovative aspect in the solar tracker design consists in considering the tracking mechanism as a perturbation for the DC motors. The goal is to control the DC motors, which are(More)
  • C Alexandru, S Anderson, B Mckinstry, J Ure, D Robertson
  • 2011
Increasingly " social computation " will be used in the delivery of key services, particularly public services. Social computation is a combination of computational infrastructure, voluntary and paid human effort together with an incentive structure to encourage and reinforce participation. For example, in care we will see the use of family and friends to(More)
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