Cătălin Alexandru

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In this paper is presented a novel dialogistic, socio-cultural perspective and an associated software tool, which provide structured visualisation and analysis means of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning chat conversations. The implemented tools use knowledge-based techniques and are based on Bakhtin's dialogistic paradigm. They visualize the(More)
The paper presents researches in the field of increasing the efficiency of the solar energy conversion in the photovoltaic (PV) systems. The idea is to design and optimize a tracking mechanism, which changes the position of the PV panel in order to maximize the solar radiation degree of use. The tracking system is approached in mechatronic concept, by(More)
In paper, the virtual prototype of the rolling – guiding – suspension system of an off-road vehicle is presented. The prototype has been made with the MBS software ADAMS, and takes into consideration the geometric restrictions as well as the nonlinear characteristics of the elastic and damping elements. The experiment designed is one frequently carried by(More)
In this paper, we propose a strategy for optimizing the tracking systems, which is based on the design of the optimal motion law for obtaining as much as possible incident radiation with minimum consumption for driving the system. The optimization is made by reducing the angular field of the panel without significantly affecting the incoming solar energy.(More)
Determining the real behavior of the windshield wiper mechanisms is a priority in the design stage since the emergence of the computer graphic simulation. The paper attempts to analyze and simulate the windshield wiper systems by using a complex virtual prototyping platform, which integrates specific software solutions for realizing the 3D solid model(More)
The paper presents the virtual prototype of an automotive suspension system with force generator actuator. The active suspensions use sensors to measure the accelerations of sprung mass and unsprung mass, the analog signals from the sensors being transmitted to the controller, which communicates with the force actuator. In this way, the passenger comfort(More)
The purpose of the paper is to develop the optimization procedure for a photovoltaic tracking mechanism. The design objective is to minimize the motor forces for moving the panel, decreasing in this way the power consumption for orientation. The optimization strategy is possible by developing the dynamic model of the tracking mechanism, which is a multibody(More)
This paper presents the modeling and simulation of a solar tracker. The PV system is a string of PV modules which simultaneously change their daily position, being actuated by a rotative actuator. The system is designed using a virtual prototyping platform: CAD software (SolidWorks) - for the solid model, MBS software (Adams/View) - for the dynamic model,(More)
The paper presents the optimization of a tracking system for the photovoltaic modules. The study targets on the one hand the optimization of the mechanical device of the tracking mechanism (developed with the MBS ADAMS software), and on the other hand the optimization of the control system (conceived with DFC EASY5 software). The two major components of the(More)