Cícero A. Silva

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MRI is a common medical imaging investigation. Patients, including young children, can be required to keep still for up to 60 min for the study to be completed successfully. Children often find the confined space, noise, need to lie still and possibility of intravenous administration of contrast agent anxiety-provoking and sometimes so distressing that they(More)
This paper presents a new approach to acoustic noise control, by introducing a fuzzy model-based control strategy. Classical linear identification and control tools have been applied to active noise control in the last two decades. In this type of control, the limitations of their applicability are well defined. Therefore, new techniques must be developed(More)
The urban environment has a lot of devices that use different technologies, which makes the integration of data generated in them a difficult process due to their heterogeneity. However, it is important to manage these data in an integrated way, enabling the exchange of information between existing fields and assisting in the decision-making process.(More)
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