Cícero A. Silva

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In this paper, we present a novel method to extract the breast skin-line based on dynamic programming. Skin-line extraction is an important preprocessing step in CAD systems; however, it is a challenging problem due to the presence of noise, underexposed regions, which results in a low contrast area near the skin-air interface, and artifacts such as labels.(More)
The scheduling of logistic processes modeled by birth-and-death processes is a combinatorial problem. We consider here the problem of dynamic assignment of components to orders. In this paper, a distributed algorithm based on ant colonies is proposed to optimize this assignment. The ant-agents jointly test several different combinations and choose the(More)
This paper presents a new approach to acoustic noise control, by introducing a fuzzy model-based control strategy. Classical linear identification and control tools have been applied to active noise control in the last two decades. In this type of control, the limitations of their applicability are well defined. Therefore, new techniques must be developed(More)
This paper addresses the problem of optimizing the scheduling of a production system, using a decentralized heuristic in a parallel machine environment. The proposed algorithm extends the use of the traveling salesman problem for scheduling in single machine models to a multiple machine problem. Here, the algorithm is applied to a complex production(More)
The urban environment has a lot of devices that use different technologies, which makes the integration of data generated in them a difficult process due to their heterogeneity. However, it is important to manage these data in an integrated way, enabling the exchange of information between existing fields and assisting in the decision-making process.(More)
This paper compares the optimization of a logistic scheduling problem using two different optimization techniques; the genetic algorithms and the ant colony optimization. The comparison is preceded by a literature review that summarizes the available comparison results for different benchmark problems and tries to generalize the differences between the(More)
In previous papers, we have shown that the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm could be used as a distributed scheduling strategy for logistic processes. The distributed framework allow us to easily introduce new features that can improve the scheduling methods. An example is a prediction mechanism, introduced in this paper. A statistical model of the(More)
This paper presents an identification procedure of a multivariable acoustic noise model, produced by a particular Electro-Mechanical Film (EMFi) actuator. This model will be integrated in an experimental setup for active noise control purposes. The obtained data represents a nonlinear dynamic system, which led to the use of nonlinear identification(More)