César dos Santos Pontes

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To study the time course of alcohol effects on blood pressure (BP), we examined morning and late evening home BP for 4 weeks in a regular alcohol consumption period and for 4 weeks in a alcohol restriction period in 30 Japanese men with essential hypertension (52 +/- 2 years, m +/- SE) in a randomized crossover study. Mean daily intake of alcohol were 66.5(More)
The first autochthonous case of human visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro was diagnosed in 1977. Since 1980, 54 autochthonous cases have been diagnosed in various locations, and since 1993 some 17 autochthonous human cases have been reported. Eight of these occurred in the neighborhood of Barra de Guaratiba and the others were(More)
Immature phlebotomine sand flies develop in soils with essential and ideal characteristics for their life cycle, such as organic matter, humidity, temperature and low levels of light. Information regarding the potential breeding places of these dipterans is fundamental to understand the epidemiology and ecology of leishmaniasis, in addition to its(More)
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