César Varela da Costa

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BACKGROUND Our purpose was to establish the efficacy of different diagnostic tests for the diagnosis and localization of insulinoma as well as the prognostic value of postoperative glycemia measurements. PATIENTS AND METHOD Retrospective analysis of all insulinoma patients diagnosed at our hospital over the last fifteen years. Every patient underwent a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The reported efficacy of treatments for acromegaly varies depending on reference centers and national registries. The aim of this study was to describe clinical management of this disease and to assess the efficacy of treatments used in standard clinical practice. MATERIAL AND METHODS An epidemiological, observational,(More)
BACKGROUND At the time of diagnosis, macroadenomas represent 60-80% of GH secreting adenomas, of which 25-30% are invasive macroadenomas. These aggressive tumors have the worst surgical success rates in terms of cure, and often need several therapeutic approaches in order to control disease status. Acromegalic patients are subject to increased mortality and(More)
Traumatic brain injuries and subarachnoid hemorrhage are frequent events in Spain. Both are well recognized causes of anterior hypopituitarism, the prevalence ranging from 20 to 80% according to recent series. Consensus is lacking on how to assess pituitary function after the injury, although periodic assessment is clearly needed because hypopituitarism may(More)
Clinically nonfunctioning adenomas are the most frequent pituitary macroadenomas in adults. These tumors are characterized by the absence of detectable hormonal hypersecretion and are diagnosed when compression symptoms or hormonal deficiencies occur. The treatment of choice of macroadenomas is surgery, but tumoral resection is often incomplete or the(More)
The aim of this study was to review all published randomized clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of suppressive therapy with levothyroxine for solitary thyroid nodules. No significant differences were observed in reducing the volume of benign solitary cold thyroid nodules between the placebo and levothyroxine groups.