César Torres

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Advances in data mining and knowledge discovery have transformed the way Web sites are designed. However, while visual presentation is an intrinsic part of the Web, traditional data mining techniques ignore render-time page structures and their attributes. This paper introduces <i>design mining</i> for the Web: using knowledge discovery techniques to(More)
In this paper, we present a configurable FPGA-based hardware architecture for adaptive processing of noisy signals for target detection based on Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) algorithms. The architecture has been designed to deal with parallel processing and to be configured for three versions of CFAR algorithms, the Cell-Average, the Max and the Min(More)
In this paper, an asymptotically stable optimal control is proposed for the trajectory tracking of a cylindrical robotic arm. The proposed controller uses the linear quadratic regulator method and its Riccati equation is considered as an adaptive function. The tracking error of the proposed controller is guaranteed to be asymptotically stable. A simulation(More)
The creative promise of 3D digital fabrication tools is tremendous. However due to the wide range of tools and interfaces, a common static file format called STL is used for sharing designs. While customization tools add creative handles to these digital models, they are often constrained to pre-configured parameters limiting the creative potential of(More)
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ATLAS is a specification language defined to outline city sections as cell spaces. A static view of the city section to be analyzed can be defined and a modeler is able to define complex traffic models in a simple fashion. A compiler for this specification language (called TSC) was built. The language implements the ATLAS constructions as Cell-DEVS models.(More)
Fluid User Interfaces (Fl.UIs) are liquid-based touch surfaces that use computer vision to detect and interpret a range of tactile user inputs. While Fl.UIs have less input resolution than digital touch screens, they provide an excellent low-cost solution for rapidly prototyping non-rectilinear screen designs as well as exploring novel surface interaction(More)
Digital fabrication has enabled massive creativity in hobbyist communities and professional product design. These emerging technologies excel at realizing an arbitrary shape or form; however these objects are often rigid and lack the feel desired by designers. We aim to enable physical haptic design in passive 3D printed objects. This paper identifies two(More)