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HIV risk perceptions and behaviors of 236 commercial sex workers from three major Mozambican urban centers were studied using the International Rapid Assessment, Response and Evaluation (I-RARE) methodology. All were offered HIV testing and, in Maputo, syphilis testing was offered as well. Sixty-three of the 236 opted for HIV testing, with 30 (48%) testing(More)
OBJECTIVE Assessing the level of adherence and its determinants is important in appraising the overall effectiveness of trials. The present study aimed to evaluate the extent of adherence and its determinants in a pragmatic randomized controlled trial of Fe prophylaxis during pregnancy in Maputo, Mozambique. DESIGN A pragmatic randomized controlled trial.(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the pregnancy results and interim birth results of a pragmatic randomised controlled trial comparing routine iron prophylaxis with screening and treatment for anaemia during pregnancy in a setting of endemic malaria and HIV. DESIGN A pragmatic randomised controlled trial. SETTING Two health centres (1° de Maio and Machava) in(More)
Web 2.0 tools helps enterprises to increase innovation. Many organizations seek this kind of tools so they can be competitive in the global world we live today. The Portuguese Financial sector has been very competitive and has used innovation to leverage over competitors. Considering the potential for innovation associated with Web 2.0 and the innovation(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare routine versus selective (ie, screening and treatment for anaemia) prenatal iron prophylaxis in a malaria-endemic and HIV-prevalent setting, an extended analysis including previously missing data. DESIGN A pragmatic randomised controlled clinical trial. SETTING 2 health centres in Maputo, Mozambique. PARTICIPANTS Pregnant women(More)
A Partial Bibliography N ote: The following compilation includes peer-reviewed academic articles published since 2009. Authored by UC ANR academics, they address one or more of the three priorities of the HFC Strategic Initiative: healthy living for obesity prevention, youth science literacy, and positive youth development. The list is just a starting(More)
Students/trainees are underlined. (2012). Factors associated with the age at which children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in six regions of Canada. (2012). Teaching university students to implement the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities using computer-aided personalized system of instruction. (2012). Evaluation of a self-instructional(More)
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