César P Gálvez

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OBJECTIVE To obtain a simple mathematical model able to estimate early the risk of further hemorrhage in bleeding peptic ulcer. METHODS A prospective study was conducted on 1567 patients admitted for acutely bleeding peptic ulcer. Ten readily available variables were tested for association with further hemorrhage, and then a logistic regression analysis(More)
BACKGROUND The use of healthcare resources for the management of constipation is not well-known. AIM To analyse healthcare seeking for constipation, defined by three different criteria, and its related factors and to assess the frequency of use of laxatives, suppositories and enemas for the treatment of constipation. METHODS A cross-sectional study in(More)
BACKGROUND Functional status in older people is a dynamic situation, which makes it necessary to evaluate functional capacity at different times to determinate their prognostic value. OBJECTIVE To examine the association between functional status (baseline and change after acute illness) and mortality and functional changes at 1 year. METHODS(More)
Several water-soluble cobalt(III) complexes were employed as precursors to form cobalt oxide nanostructures. These complexes were incorporated into polyelectrolyte multilayers precoated onto colloidal particles, followed by calcination. Cobalt complexes with strong intermolecular hydrogen bonding form one-dimensional Co3O4 nanotube structures. Short Co3O4(More)
A controlled, randomised study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of treatment with heater probe in the prevention of rebleeding from peptic ulcer with a non-bleeding visible vessel. One hundred and one patients were randomised into two groups: patients to be treated by heater probe (n = 51) and controls without active treatment (n = 50). In the heater(More)
We report a case of oesophageal disease as the first manifestation in a patient with CREST syndrome. A 46-year-old man with achalasia-like syndrome developed CREST syndrome 4 years later. A pneumatic dilatation of the cardia was performed. After pneumatic dilatation the dysphagia and regurgitation disappeared but the patient developed reflux oesophagitis.(More)
BACKGROUND To analyze the assistance requirements generated in a hospital emergency unit by the upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) syndrome, and to assess some strategies intended to improve its syndromic diagnosis prior to admission. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prospective study of a cohort including 1,029 consecutive cases assisted because of presumed(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop guidelines for predicting colonic disease on the basis of clinical parameters. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN A prospective study of the clinical data prior to colonoscopy. On the basis of the endoscopic findings, the patients were divided into three diagnostic groups: absence of significant disease, significant benign disease and malignant(More)
We present the histopathological findings of a naturally mummified eye from the Peruvian Lambayeque culture (900-1,200 AD), in which rehydration, light microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy allowed a detailed analysis of several eye tissues including the eyelids, sclera, and optic nerve, the latter showing evidence of hemorrhage likely related to the(More)