César Otero Gonzalez

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Ab initio macromolecular phasing has been so far limited to small proteins diffracting at atomic resolution (beyond 1.2 A) unless heavy atoms are present. We describe a general ab initio phasing method for 2 A data, based on combination of localizing model fragments such as small á-helices with Phaser and density modification with SHELXE. We implemented(More)
The synthesis of twenty six prenylated phenols derivatives is reported. These compounds were obtained under mild conditions via Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (EAS) coupling reactions between phenol derivatives containing electron-donor subtituents and 3-methyl-2-buten-1-ol using BF(3)×OEt(2). Dialkylations were also produced with this method. The(More)
With the aim of identifying novel agents with antigrowth and pro-apoptotic activity on melanoma cancer, the present study was undertaken to investigate the biological activity of the resinous exudate of aerial parts from Psoralea glandulosa, and its active components (bakuchiol (1), 3-hydroxy-bakuchiol (2) and 12-hydroxy-iso-bakuchiol (3)) against melanoma(More)