César Miralles

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The poorly understood aetiology of schizophrenia is known to involve a major genetic contribution even though the genetic factors remain elusive. Most genetic studies are based on Mendelian rules and focus on the nuclear genome, but current studies indicate that other genetic mechanisms are probably involved. This review focuses on mitochondrial DNA(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies have shown that baseline drug resistance patterns may influence the outcome of antiretroviral therapy. Therefore, guidelines recommend drug resistance testing to guide the choice of initial regimen. In addition to optimizing individual patient management, these baseline resistance data enable transmitted drug resistance (TDR) to(More)
OBJECTIVE to make recommendations on the approach to nutritional problems (malnutrition, cachexia, micronutrient deficiency, obesity, lipodystrophy) affecting HIV-infected patients. METHODS these recommendations have been agreed upon by a group of expertes in the nutrition and care of HIV-infected patients, on behalf of the different groups involved in(More)
Purpose Due to the relative low age of HIV-infected patients, Framingham risk score (FRS) usually estimates a low CVD risk. Lifetime risk estimations use the risk of developing CVD over the course of an individual's remaining lifetime and may be useful in communicating the risk of CVD to young patients. Our aim is to estimate the lifetime risk of CVD in a(More)
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