César Méndez Ruiz

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Photonic nanojets have been previously shown (both theoretically and experimentally) to be highly sensitive to the presence of an ultra-subwavelength nanoscale particle within the nanojet. In the present work, photonic nanojets elongated by almost an order of magnitude (relative to the latest previously published work) are found to possess another key(More)
─ It is currently believed that nanometer-scale internal refractive index fluctuations within biological cells change significantly during the initial stages of ultra early-stage cancer development well in advance of these changes becoming more pronounced and histologically detectable. Here, backscattered cepstral results of photonic nanojet-illuminated(More)
─ It is becoming increasingly important to computationally predict, study, and prevent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues arising within and between ICs and other components comprising portable electronic devices. Here, we conduct a phenomenological study involving an ultra high-resolution, three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD)(More)
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