César Luis Reichert

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BACKGROUND The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) has shown wide variation in different studies, depending on the population sample and the diagnostic criteria used. The prevalence of MS tends to be higher with the diagnostic criteria of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). OBJECTIVE To compare the prevalence of MS using different criteria(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the existence of a relationship between physical activity and depressive symptoms in community-dwelling elders. METHOD This is a cross-sectional, population-based study, which included 379 community-dwelling elders from Novo Hamburgo, state of RS, Brazil. The level of physical activity was estimated using the International Physical(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Conflict of Interest: The editor in chief has reviewed the conflict of interest checklist provided by the authors and has determined that the authors have no financial or any other kind of personal conflicts with this letter. Author Contributions: Study concept and design: Wing-Keung Cheung. Acquisition of subjects and data: Wing-Keung(More)
Recent research suggests that crack cocaine use alters systemic biochemical markers, like oxidative damage and inflammation markers, but very few studies have assessed the potential effects of crack cocaine at the cellular level. We assessed genome instability by means of the comet assay and the cytokinesis-block micronucleus technique in crack cocaine(More)
BACKGROUND The association between a sedentary lifestyle and obesity is well documented, and is linked to an increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS). There is some evidence that information regarding the health benefits of physical activity is beginning to impact on the elderly people and is beginning to change their behavior. We aimed to(More)
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