César León

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The mallba project tackles the resolution of combinato-rial optimization problems using algorithmic skeletons implemented in C ++. mallba offers three families of generic resolution methods: exact, heuristic and hybrid. Moreover, for each resolution method, mallba provides three different implementations: sequential, parallel for local area networks, and(More)
1 Abstract—Problems arising in different areas such as numerical methods, simulation or optimization can be efficiently solved by parallel super-computing. However , it is not always possible to buy and maintain parallel super-computers. A geographically distributed network of PC clusters is an interesting low-cost alternative. The possibility of connecting(More)
In this paper, we review aspects relevant to industrial standards related to PLC programming: IEC 61131, IEC 61499 and a work about safety developed by the PLC Open organization based on IEC 61508. We propose to use these standards in PLC learning to fix a common know-how that allows one to reduce the gap between industry and education, and between(More)
At this time, telecommunication networks are present everywhere. These networks are not only rather complex, but they are also made up of different components. That is the reason telecommunication network management (TNM) is so relevant. This paper deals with two important aspects of telecommunication network management: managed objects and expert system(More)
This paper assesses the automatic profiling of anonymous internet users used in web portal or search engine sites. The objective is to be able to show a web user with the most interesting content for his tastes without requiring the user to login or give any explicit personal information. The system tries to determine the user profile based on the user's(More)
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