César L Cambiaso

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S-100 protein was determined by Particle Counting ImmunoAssay in the CSF of patients with various neurological disorders. With a limit of sensitivity of 2.5 micrograms/l this brain-specific protein was detected only in samples from patients with acute damage of the central nervous system, particularly in compression of the spinal cord by tumour, ischaemic(More)
Antigens encoded by MAGE-A3 and recognized by T cells are interesting targets for tumor immunotherapy because they are strictly tumor specific and shared by many tumors of various histological types. A number of MAGE-A3 antigenic peptides presented by HLA class I molecules have been used in clinical trials, and regressions of melanoma metastasis have been(More)
We have previously reported on the induction, in mice, of a systemic (splenic) immune response with IgA as the dominant antibody, as a result of a short (4 day) intragastric immunization course with foreign erythrocytes. This response was followed by a prolonged period of hyporesponsiveness to similarly administered antigen. Here it is shown that this(More)
By means of a new technique (Particle Counting Immunoassay), we have determined the level of ferritin in 470 samples of cerebrospinal fluid of patients with various neurological disorders. The median value obtained in a control group was 2.3 ng/ml with an upper limit at 5.5 ng/ml. the concentrations in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid were independent, but(More)
Antigenic mimicry has been proposed as a major mechanism by which viruses could trigger the development of immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). However, because antigenic mimicry implies epitope similarities between viral and self antigens, it is difficult to understand how widely different viruses can be involved by this sole mechanism in the(More)
The level of IgM was determined by Particle Counting Immunoassay in the cerebrospinal fluid. In non-neurological patients (N = 20) the mean was 97.5 micrograms/l with the upper reference limit at 380 micrograms/l. The mean IgM index was 0.021 with the upper reference limit at 0.071. Of 21 patients with stroke, 5 had an IgM index exceeding the reference(More)
We describe the first homogeneous, nonradioactive, high-sensitivity assay for human thyrotropin (TSH). The assay is based on particle immunoassay techniques, wherein 800-nm particles form the basis for the immunochemistry, delivery, and the detection technologies, respectively. Our assay also is the first to involve the use of fragmented monoclonal(More)
Pregnancy-specific beta 1-glycoprotein (SP1) was assayed by particle-counting immunoassay (PACIA) with a sensitivity of 1 microgram/L. In serum from 50 men, the SP1 concentration was less than 1 microgram/L, whereas three of the specimens from 46 nonpregnant women had values exceeding 1 microgram/L. In 29% of 950 consecutive patients' sera, SP1(More)
We assayed immune complexes (IC) by Particle Counting ImmunoAssay in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of patients with various neurological disorders. In pyogenic meningitis, the levels of IC sharply increased 4-8 days after onset with a fall before the 10th day of the disease. In herpetic encephalitis the IC and antibody levels started to increase(More)