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OBJECTIVE to evaluate the return to sport after surgical treatment for pubalgia among 30 professional soccer players and describe the surgical technique used. METHOD this case series was evaluated by means of a questionnaire and physical examination on 30 male professional soccer players of mean age 24.4 years (range: 18-30). The mean duration of the(More)
OBJECTIVE to determine the reference points for the exit of the tibial guidewire in relation to the posterior cortical bone of the tibia. METHODS sixteen knees from fresh cadavers were used for this study. Using a viewing device and a guide marked out in millimeters, three guidewires were passed through the tibia at 0, 10 and 15 mm distally in relation to(More)
BACKGROUND Although numerous anatomic studies about the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) structure and attachments have been performed, these studies have not reached consensus on the ACL footprint. PURPOSE To investigate the existing controversy regarding the morphology of the tibial ACL insertion (footprint) and confirm histologically that the tibial(More)
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