César França

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A high performance team is one that exceeds all reasonable expectations and produces extraordinary results. In this work, we are interested in understanding contexts and conditions in which software engineering teams are likely to achieve this status. To this end, we are carrying out a systematic literature review to identify what are the known factors that(More)
Context: Work Design refers to the different ways in which a given work or task can be designed and performed. The study of work design is important because every decision related to how the work is performed can affect the outcomes of individuals and the effectiveness of teamwork. Goal: To investigate work design characteristics of software engineering(More)
Context: The code ownership has influence on various aspects of software development, such as code quality, cooperation and team knowledge. However, there are few studies from the point of view of developers that seek to understand the advantages and disadvantages of code ownership. Goals: to investigate what are the advantages and disadvantages of(More)
<b>Context</b>- A common problem in Systematic Reviews in software engineering is that they provide very limited syntheses. <b>Goal</b>- In the search for alternatives of effective methods for synthesizing empirical evidence, in this paper, we explore the use of the Qualitative Metasummary method, which is a quantitatively oriented aggregation of mixed(More)
Context - Software companies should track innovation as rigorously as core business operations. For that, the assessment of innovation projects is a critical process, in particular to make their innovation initiatives funded. Objective - In this article, we aim to evaluate the need for more practical measurement tools, by checking the agreement of very(More)
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