César Fernández-de-las-Peñas

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PURPOSE The objective of this study is to analyze the immediate effects on neck pain and active cervical range of motion after a single cervical high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) manipulation or a control mobilization procedure in mechanical neck pain subjects. In addition, we assessed the possible correlation between neck pain and neck mobility. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate whether generalized deep tissue hyperalgesia exists in patients with chronic unilateral lateral epicondylalgia (LE). METHODS A total of 26 LE patients (10 males and 16 females, aged 25 to 63 y) and 20 healthy comparable matched controls (aged 26 to 61 y) were recruited and pressure pain threshold (PPT)(More)
Present pain models for tension-type headache suggest that nociceptive inputs from peripheral tender muscles can lead to central sensitization and chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) conditions. Such models support that possible peripheral mechanisms leading to pericranial tenderness include activation or sensitization of nociceptive nerve endings by(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a degenerative neurological disease presenting with motor and non-motor signs and symptoms. Approximately 30-50% of the patients experience pain. There is no consensus regarding the mechanisms and classification of pain in PD. This paper reviews current data on the possible mechanisms, classifications, evaluation and potential(More)
DESIGN A placebo, control, repeated-measures, single-blinded randomized study. OBJECTIVES To compare the immediate effects on pressure pain threshold (PPT) tested over the lateral elbow region following a single cervical high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust manipulation, a sham-manual application (placebo), or a control condition; and to analyze if a(More)
This paper describes the differences in the presence of myofascial trigger points (TrPs) in the upper trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, temporalis and suboccipital muscles between unilateral migraine subjects and healthy controls, and the differences in the presence of TrPs between the symptomatic side and the non-symptomatic side in migraine subjects. In(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether bilateral widespread pressure hypersensitivity exists in patients with unilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. A total of 20 females with carpal tunnel syndrome (aged 22-60 years), and 20 healthy matched females (aged 21-60 years old) were recruited. Pressure pain thresholds were assessed bilaterally over median,(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this clinical trial was to evaluate the impact of a 4-month comprehensive protocol of strengthening and flexibility exercises developed by our research group versus conventional exercises for patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) on functional and mobility outcomes. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. Forty-five patients(More)
Forward head posture (FHP) and neck mobility were objectively assessed in 25 patients with chronic tension-type headache (CTTH) and 25 healthy controls. Side-view pictures were taken in a sitting position to measure the cranio-vertebral angle. A cervical goniometer was employed to measure the range of all cervical motions. Patients with CTTH showed a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines if C7-T1 manipulation results in changes in pressure pain thresholds (PPT) over bilateral C5-C6 zygapophyseal joints in asymptomatic subjects. METHODS Thirty subjects, 13 men and 17 women, without a current history of neck, shoulder, or upper extremity pain participated. Participants were randomly divided into 3 groups:(More)