César F. Acebal

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This paper presents what aims to be an example of good design principles applied to compiler construction. To be more specific, it presents an interpreter of a very simple object oriented language, called SmallScript, that has been designed to be taught in a Compiler University course. Our aim is not to develop a new, revolutionary language, neither to show(More)
Traditionally, web standards in general and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in particular take a long time from when they are defined by the W3C until they are implemented by browser vendors. This has been a limitation not only for authors, who had to wait even years before they were able to use certain CSS properties in their web pages, but also for the(More)
The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility. 4 A new method of Software Development: eXtreme Programming – César F. Acebal and Juan M. Cueva Lovelle What is eXtreme Programming – also known as XP? The aim of this article is to answer that question, and to reveal the nature of this new method of software development to the(More)
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