César Castellanos

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Se describe e ilustra una nueva especie del género Orphanodendron (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae), Orphanodendron grandiflorum. Esta nueva especie se descubrió en el municipio de Bolívar, departamento de Santander, en la cordillera oriental de Colombia y constituye la segunda especie conocida del género Orphanodendron. A new species of Orphanodendron(More)
Orphanodendron is a taxonomically and geographically isolated South American genus of two species. When first described by Barneby and Grimes in 1990, the genus was placed in Leguminosae subfamily Caesalpinioideae, but that placement was doubted and the name Orphanodendron (Gr. orphanos, orphan + dendron, tree) was chosen to reflect the uncertain(More)
e analysis of the architecture of Buxus vahlii Baill. (Buxaceae) in western Puerto Rico is presented. Two populations growing in diff erent environmental conditions were studied: one is a coastal forest in the municipality of Rincón and the other is a mountain forest with karstic formations in the municipality of Isabela. e growth pattern in Buxus vahlii(More)
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