César Bustacara

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The Backtracking Spiral Algorithm (BSA) is a coverage strategy for mobile robots based on the use of spiral filling paths; in order to assure the completeness, unvisited regions are marked and covered by backtracking mechanism. The BSA basic algorithm is designed to work in an environment modeled by a coarse-grain grid. BSA has been extended to cover, not(More)
This paper presents the BESA framework, which is intended to provide a flexible model that supports the design and implementation of MultiAgent Systems (MAS). The abstract model of BESA is based in three fundamental concepts: an event-driven control approach implementing a select like mechanism, a modular behavior-oriented agent architecture, and a(More)
Game theory has gained popularity as an approach to analysing and understanding distributed systems with selfinterested agents. Central to game theory is the concept of Nash equilibrium as a stable state (solution) of the system, which comes with a price - the loss in efficiency. The quantification of the efficiency loss is one of the main research(More)
This work aims to demonstrate how the requirement of modeling complex systems as the biological ones and the advances in MultiAgent Systems are combined to give a simple, scalable, robust and reliable simulation system. The mobility feature of the BESA agent framework and an interaction biological model are the basis for the construction of a molecular(More)
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