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Survey and systematic mapping of industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
This survey provides a structured overview of the standards used to implement industrial WSN, their advantages and drawbacks, and discusses the characteristics of the wireless channel in industrial environments. Expand
Global System for Location and Guidance of Disabled People: Indoor and Outdoor Technologies Integration
This paper deals with the problem of personal location and guidance in indoor and outdoor environments. Expand
Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in Broadband MIMO Systems
Since the capacity of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems in- creases linearly with the minimum number of antennas at both, the transmitter as well as the receiver side, MIMO schemes haveExpand
Modulation-mode and power assignment for broadband MIMO-BICM schemes
We jointly optimize the number of activated MIMO layers and number of bits per symbol along with the appropriate allocation of the transmit power under the constraint of a given fixed data throughput and integrity. Expand
Analysis of singular values PDF and CCDF on receiver-side antennas correlated MIMO channels
Antennas proximity produces the antennas correlation effect which impacts MIMO systems performance. This reported work analyses the singular values complementary cumulative distribution functionExpand
Modulation-Mode Assignment in Iteratively Detected and SVD-Assisted Broadband MIMO Schemes
We introduce a Broadband MIMO-BICM scheme, where different signal constellations and mappings were used within a single codeword. Expand
Power Distribution for SVD-Aided MIMO Transmission with Receiver-Side Antennas Correlation
This paper analyses and characterizes the antennas correlation effects focussing on the receiver-side antennas correlation and its modelling. Expand
Analysis of MIMO Systems with Transmitter-side Antennas Correlation
We show that under the effect of antennas correlation not necessarily all layers might be used for the data transmission since the weighting of stronger layer within the MIMO system becomes even stronger respect to non-correlated channels. Expand
Advances in technologies and techniques for ambient intelligence
Ambient intelligence is a new paradigm for information and communications technologies where the electronic/digital environment takes care of the people presence and their needs, becoming an active, adaptive and responsive environment. Expand
Revisiting the Characterization of the Losses in Piezoelectric Materials from Impedance Spectroscopy at Resonance
Electronic devices using the piezoelectric effect contain piezoelectric materials: often crystals, but in many cases poled ferroelectric ceramics (piezoceramics), polymers or composites. On the oneExpand