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Fibromyalgia (FM) is a clinical syndrome commonly observed in daily medical practice and its etiopathogenesis is still unclear. As it is characterized by chronic musculoskeletal pain associated with several symptoms, FM may be confused with several other rheumatic and nonrheumatic diseases when they course with pictures of diffuse pain and chronic fatigue.(More)
Occupational low back pain has multifactorial etiology and elevated incidence and prevalence. It is characterized by pain of varying intensity and duration and can lead to work incapacity and invalidity. Low back pain causes workers to suffer and increases the costs of employers and of social security and healthcare systems. The relevance of this subject(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the value ascribed by Brazilian rheumatologists to ultrasonography (US) for diagnosing tendinitis and to electromyography (EMG) for diagnosing peripheral neuropathy and upper limb radiculopathy. MATERIAL AND METHODS In total, 165 rheumatologists answered an anonymous survey (sent via the internet) concerning the two exams, with(More)
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