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Chagas disease control strategies strongly depend on the triatomine vector species involved in Trypanosoma cruzi transmission within each area. Here we report the results of the identification of(More)
Information on the distribution and synanthropic behaviour of triatomines is essential for Chagas disease vector control. This work summarises such information from northern Peru, and presents new(More)
The intergenic region of spliced-leader (SL-IR) genes from 105 Trypanosoma cruzi I (Tc I) infected biological samples, culture isolates and stocks from 11 endemic countries, from Argentina to the USA(More)
Axenic culture in modified Grace's medium was used to induce metacyclogenesis of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis in vitro. Morphological characteristics, lectin agglutination profiles,(More)
INTRODUCTION The vector competence of triatomine insects is determined by studying their biology and feeding behavior under field and/or laboratory conditions. Factors including the number of bites,(More)
We present data on the molecular characterisation of strains of Trypanosoma rangeli isolated from naturally infected Rhodnius ecuadoriensis in Peru, from Rhodnius colombiensis, Rhodnius pallescens(More)
Diagnostic and parasite characterization and identification studies were carried out in human patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions in Santiago del Estero, Northern Province of Argentina.(More)